5 - 8 February 2020




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Taking place in the Grand Auditorium (GA) and with simultaneous translation to and from English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Opening Conference | Feb/05/2020

António Bracinha Vieira (Portugal) - 'The Hand and the Word'

1. The Psychoanalytical Encounter: theoretical and clinical perspectives | Feb/06/2020

Ana Almeida, Clara Pracana e Maria do Céu Paulo (Portugal) - Psychoanalytic Encounter: Carlos Amaral Dias' perspectives
Daniela De Robertis (Italy) - Affects recognition, affects mobilization and improvement of mentalization in clinical treatment
Klaus Hoffman (Switzerland) - The We Comes First, Then Follow You and I - dialogical Philosophy and psychoanalysis
MOD: Juan Flores (Chile)

2. Psychoanalysis and the Polis: the larger encounter. When psychoanalysis meets the community * | Feb/06/2020

José Sá Fernandes (Portugal) -
Miguel Angel Torres (Spain) - Architecture, urban planning and collective identity. Looking at Bilbao today
Rebeca Aramoni (Mexico) - Helping, informing and working with parents, schools and society about transgender teenagers, and the complications of the task
William Bird (United Kingdom) -
MOD: Pedro Cordeiro (Portugal)

3. The Soma at the analytic process | Feb/07/2020

Ana Almeida (Portugal) - The body as a vehicle of communication
Jo Gondar (Brazil) - "To hear with eyes”: gestures, expressions, rhythms
Patrícia Câmara (Portugal) - Inorganization and expansion: psychosomatic gravity
MOD: Darius Leskauskas (Lithuania)

4. Conflict: Where is it? What is it for? | Feb/07/2020

Eliana Mendes (Brazil) - The uncanny inside us. The intolerance to difference
Facundo Blestcher (Argentina) - Conflict, symbolization and clinic of failure: psychoanalytic work in the processes of psychic recomposition
Juan Flores (Chile) - Conflict and human structure.  A psychoanalytic understanding
MOD: João Justo (Portugal)

5. Love and hate on the psychoanalytic encounter | Feb/08/2020

António Alvim (Portugal) - Too much love will kill you just as much as none at all
António Coimbra de Matos (Portugal) - Changing from competition to cooperation
Sandra Buechler (USA) - Love and Hate at the Termination of a Practice
MOD: Facundo Blestcher (Argentina)

6. The role of transference and countertransference on contemporary psychoanalysis: per via di porre, per via di levare | Feb/08/2020

Anna Maria Loiacono (Italy) - Countertransference and Oedipal Love
Cristina Nunes (Portugal) - Navigating the Countertransference River: Encounters and Mismatches with projective identification and projective counteridentification
Sofia Pedrayes (Mexico) - Transfer and contratransference from the perspective of relational psychoanalysis
MOD: Conceição Almeida (Portugal)



Taking place in four spaces: Grand Auditorium (GA) and rooms S1, S2 and S3.
Spoken in English, except numbers 3 (Portuguese) and 21 (Spanish).

1. Presentation of the book by Marco Conci: Freud, Sullivan, Mitchell, Bion and the multiple voices of international psychoanalysis | Feb/06/2020

Marco Conci (Italy) - An Introduction To The Book Freud, Sullivan, Bion, Mitchell And The Multiple Voices Of International psychoanalysis Done By The Author
António Alvim (Portugal) - In the face of psychoanalysis
Grigoris Maniadakis (Greece) - On the mapping of a “new home”
Valerie Angel (USA) - North American Psychoanalysis with particular regard for S.A. Mitchell’s relational psychoanalysis

2. Psychoanalysis and community | Feb/06/2020

Fábio Mateus (Portugal) - The Economic Problem of Interpretation in Community Intervention
Gila Jiménez (Mexico) - Change and paternity: the theft of the father figure for the benefit of society
Paulo Ceccarelli (Brazil) - The pedophile's psychic suffering
MOD: Joana Trindade (Portugal)

3. Sailing through the setting: boundaries on the therapeutic relationship * | Feb/06/2020

Isabel Mesquita (Portugal) - The psychoanalytic process and the transcendence of the self
Isadora Barretto (Brazil) - Psychoanalytical encounters, threshold zones and heterotopic spaces
Michell Mello (Brazil) - The daughter of the great analyst: brief reflections on empathy and countertransference in the clinic
Ricardo Barreto (Brazil) - Freedom and free association in an objectified world: Humanization as the art of the psychoanalytic encounter
MOD: Inês Gomes (Portugal)

4. Psychoanalysis and creativity | Feb/06/2020

Luís Delgado (Portugal) - Psychical Conflicts in Creative Writing and Reading
Mauro Ambrosini (Italy) - If we are in two, we can! The Dynamic-Transformative Scribble as a psychoanalytic encounter
Rossella Bo (Italy) - Playing with boundaries. Praise of creativity in psychoanalytical psychotherapy with patients with intellectual disability
MOD: Rita P. Marques (Portugal)

5. The supervisory encounter revisited | Feb/06/2020

Rebeca Aramoni (Mexico) - Case presentation
Valerie Tate, Iris Levy, Susan Mellan (USA) - Supervisory Demonstration

6. Individual case studies presentations | Feb/06/2020

Alexandra Medeiros (Portugal) - "Sanity and Madness within the therapeutic setting” as a way to “survive Psychosis”
Paolo Arru (Italy) - Protected "Mental" space as a therapeutic element. Clinical case of an adolescent placed in a community
Solimar Romero (Brazil) - When past and present meet in a dream… a new chance
Waleska Fochesatto (Brazil) - The “Murderous Grandma” and the greened eyed boy: fragments of a clinic case and the contributions of the psychoanalysis
MOD: Gabriela Alonso (Portugal)

7. Reflections on the analyst's person | Feb/06/2020

Anchyses Lopes (Brazil) - Psychoanalysis and narcissism: collective supervisions in a psychoanalytic social clinic
Axel Aminoff (Finland) - "Temper Tantrum"
Davide Corradetti (Italy) - The Human Side of the Analyst
Rafaela Alves (Brazil) - The body of the analyst – analytical tact and act
Sofia Veiga (Portugal) - Reflections about the psychotherapist person: reflections about my person while psychotherapist
MOD: Ricardo Andrade (Portugal)

8. Benedetti-Conci Award (1) | Feb/06/2020

Audrey Castro (Brazil) - The dance of the pregnant snake
Catarina Moisão (Portugal) - The boundaries in therapy. A trip for two
Valeria Valenzano (Italy) - The dark side of the moon. A case of hidden interiorized homophobia
Víctor Hidmann (Mexico) - Bonding with cellphones. Reflections for psychoanalytic role in a actual society
MOD: António Alvim (Portugal) | Grigoris Maniadakis (Greece)

9. The psychoanalytic encounter: from countertransference to dream | Feb/07/2020

Grigoris Maniadakis (Greece) - Clinical notes on narcissism and the concept of the negative
Hara Karamanolaki (Greece) - The psychoanalytic encounter between women: thoughts from a countertransference point of view
MOD: Grigoris Maniadakis (Greece)

10. Match and mismatch on the psychoanalytic encounter | Feb/07/2020

Carla Weber (Italy) - Struggling with ourselves and intentional attunement
Daniela Maggioni, Mattia Maggioni (Italy) - The conflictual 3D in the psychoanalytical encounter
Hannu Saavala (Finland) - Working through erotic and eroticized transference
MOD: Nuno Melo Ferreira (Portugal)

11. Narcissistic Injuries in Training | Feb/07/2020

Anna Maria Loiacono (Italy) - Narcissistic Injuries in Training
Sandra Buechler (USA) - Narcissistic Injuries in Training

12. Benedetti-Conci Award (2) | Feb/07/2020

Cláudia Gindre (Brazil) - Adolescence and vulnerability: dialogue and support networks
Helena Teller (Brazil) - Noise and diffused images in a clinical case
João Almeida (Portugal) - The role of the psychoanalytic psychotherapist in the social housing district
Sami Salminen (Finland) - The specific kind of way to loose a good inner object – encountering bitterness in a psychoanalytic practice
MOD: Marco Conci (Italy) | António Alvim (Portugal)

13. Micro and macro change in the psychotherapeutic process: an empirical attempt | Feb/07/2020

Alice Faccini, Marina Bertoni, Mauro Ambrosini, Paolo Vassallo (Italy) - Micro and macro changes in the psychotherapeutic process: an empirical attempt
MOD: Daniela Maggioni (Italy)

14. The sound of silence in the talking-cure | Feb/07/2020

Carmen Navarro (USA) - Psychoanalysis of nonverbal communication: the sound of silence in a talking-cure culture
Paloma Salavessa (Portugal) - Two Silences, One Voice
Rosa Castra, Vittoria Russo (Italy) - Use and noise of silence in psychotherapy: being not able to express yourself or not wanting to express yourself
Stefano Golasmici (Italy) - The sound of silence of Taxman: talking and being in silence in an interrupted psychotherapy
MOD: Ana Teresa Sanganha (Portugal)

15. The mutative factor in psychoanalysis: common ground and divergences across models | Feb/07/2020

Alessandro Grasso (Italy) - The Conflict Regained: the difficult path towards separation / individuation
Pablo Varela (Mexico) - Erich Fromm in Latin America
MOD: João P. Ribeiro (Portugal)

16. Benedetti-Conci Award (3) | Feb/07/2020

Eleni Filippachi (Greece) - Autonomy, psychic change and the end(s) of analysis
Nuno Amado (Portugal) - Psychoanalytic views of “writer’s block”: artistic creation and its discontents
Penha Rocha (Brazil) - Double birth in maternity experience
Raoní Carneiro (Brazil) - A long and painful farewell
MOD: Marco Conci (Italy) | Valerie Angel (USA)

17. Adolescence and gender | Feb/08/2020

Fabio Vanni (Italy) - Some ethical and psychological issues about gender transition in adolescence
Alessandro Taurino, Rita Gagliardi (Italy) - Adolescence and sexuality: new identity paradigms and self-representations
Jillian Stile, Neil Altman (USA) - The alchemy of gender in psychotherapy with adolescents when all categories are up for grabs
Jillian Stile, Neil Altman (USA) - Gender: Up for Grabs but not For Keeps
MOD: Roberta Resega (Italy)

18. Psychoanalysis and Ecology: Ego-logic or Echo-logic? | Feb/08/2020

Lucio Gutierrez (Chile) - What do videogaming and videogame addictions teach us about contemporary patients?
Matthias Ammann (Portugal) - A green dream
Rebecca Versolato (Singapure) - Grief, Loss and Identify Crisis of Third Culture Kids and Global Families in Asia
William Batista (Brazil) - Human becoming at machinic culture
MOD: Ana-Lisa Vicente (Portugal)

19. The traumatic encounter with the unthinkable: resistance and regression on the psychoanalytic process | Feb/08/2020

Amparo Espinosa (Mexico) - Death is not on the divan
Anelise Mondardo, Ana Marsillac (Brazil) - Traumatic insistence: reflections on the concept of negative in psychoanalysis
Giovanna Tatti (Italy) - The analytical pair working together to cope with the unthinkable of the trauma of abuse: the painful process
Rebecca Rossi, Mattia Ferro (Italy) - Being reborn facing death
Terttu Mäkinen (Finland) - When and Now; Where and Here: The dissociation “rooms “, levels and space encounter trauma particles in body, in mind and in every day being
MOD: Elsa Neto (Portugal)

20. The mutative factor in psychoanalysis: common ground and divergences in Contemporary Clinic | Feb/08/2020

Amalia Carli (Norway) - Addressing spirituality in psychotherapy. Considerations for practice
Camila Padrão (Brazil) - From Conflict to Paradox: New Concepts for a Contemporary Clinic
Gene Guberman (USA) - Phantoms in the Mind, Conflict, and the Analytic Relationship: mutative factors in psychoanalysis
MOD: António Pires (Portugal)

21. Art as a means to understand our work, our times and our suffering * | Feb/08/2020

Daniela De Robertis (Italy) - Can police narrative and art criticism provide us with stimuli to focus the patient's story?
Miguel Torres (Spain) - Resilience trough Art. Un unfinished lesson
Reyes Miura (Spain) - The creative subject and the created object: a dilemma of Psychoanalysis
Romulo Aguillaume (Spain) - Art and Psychoanalysis in the times of Google
MOD: Miguel Torres (Spain)

22. Process of change and models of interpretation | Feb/08/2020

Patrícia Ferraz (Brazil) - The subject of the unconscious and its architectures
Daniela Maggioni, Mauro Ambrosini, Marina Bertoni, Paolo Vassallo and the Research Group “Kairòs” (Italy) - The “hic et nunc” perspective: towards a new Mysticism of the Analytic Encounter?
MOD: Filipe Madeira (Portugal)

24. Psychoanalysis as a subjects' encounter | Feb/08/2020

Fábio Brinholli (Brazil) - The ontological third
Sandra Buechler (USA) - Psychoanalytic Matchmaking: What is a Good Fit?
Uta Jaenicke (Switzerland) - Conflict and Change in Dreams
MOD: Mª Rosário Dias (Portugal)